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Free shipping to USA & Canada on all orders over 99$

Maxxis Radiale Clincher Tire, 700x22

by Maxxis
$89 USD

Maxxis Radiale Clincher Tire, 700x22.

Maxxis has gone to great lengths to create the perfect all-round' race tire. Ideal for slick surfaced racing and durable enough for curve intensive training, the Radiale Clincher Tire stands atop the Maxxis lineup. Far from just another high TPI tire, the Radiale is the only worthy upgrade to your race day machine. The Radiale gets its name from the true radial casing that is uses to create a soft, flexible ride through all road and weather conditions. Closely related to the casing used in car tires, the radial casing places the threads perpendicular to the direction that your tires rotate. Unlike traditional casings that keep the tire from easily bending and flexing, the radial casing and 3C rubber compound lets the tire move naturally. This results in less hysteresis loss and better cornering on both slick and dry roads. The radial casing is a portion of what makes the Radiale the best choice for your next tire. Maxxis' longer-lasting 3C compounds are the Yin to the radial casing's Yang.


  • Tubeless road compatilibility
  • Radial casing construction
  • Silkworm puncture protection
  • Intended conditions: racing, sport
  • Size: 700x22 
  • TPI: 120
  • Bead: Carbon
  • Weight (claimed): 700x22c - 285g 
  • Compund: Dual

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