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Discovering the Future of Cycling: A Deep Dive into Campagnolo's Super Record 12 EPS Wireless Groupset

Discovering the Future of Cycling: A Deep Dive into Campagnolo's Super Record 12 EPS Wireless Groupset

When it comes to top-tier cycling gear, few brands evoke as much prestige as Campagnolo. In a recent, game-changing release, the Italian maestros of cycling technology have introduced the Campagnolo Super Record 12 EPS Wireless Groupset. This launch not only marks a new era in high-end cycling gear but also presents a paradigm shift from the previous wired EPS version.

In this blog, we will delve deep into the technical intricacies of this groundbreaking wireless groupset. We'll compare it with its wired counterpart and outline why it's a game-changer for cycling connoisseurs.

Unmatched Performance

The Power Unit

The new wireless system is powered by a slim, high-capacity rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This offers not only a lighter setup but also an extended battery life, thus increasing the efficiency of your rides.

The ErgoPower Levers

One of the most salient changes is the integration of the ErgoPower levers, allowing smoother gear shifts without the mechanical resistance often found in wired systems.

Cutting-Edge Technology

MyCampy App

A significant leap in this wireless release is the compatibility with the MyCampy app. This application gives cyclists unparalleled control over their shifting behavior, providing real-time analytics and customization options.

The Interface

The Wireless Interface Unit (WIU) makes your cycling experience a seamless integration of man and machine. It eliminates the need for bulky wire management, thereby improving aerodynamics.

Feature Highlights

  • Wireless Communication: Utilizes the proprietary Campagnolo V5 wireless protocol, offering a secure and fast connection between your controls and gears.

  • Multi-Dome Technology: Ensures tactile feedback during shifts, providing a satisfying 'click' that riders have come to love.

  • 3D Embrace Technology: Ensures the chain engages the sprockets with maximum efficiency, reducing wear and providing a more extended lifespan for your gears.

Comparing Wired EPS and Wireless EPS

  • Weight: The wireless groupset offers a considerable weight advantage, vital for uphill sprints and long rides.

  • Ease of Installation: Without wires, the new wireless version makes installation a breeze, saving time and labor costs.

  • Customizability: The MyCampy app in the wireless version offers much more in terms of customization than its wired counterpart.


The Campagnolo Super Record 12 EPS Wireless Groupset is a monumental shift in cycling technology. From its advanced features to cutting-edge technology, it far surpasses its wired predecessor, setting a new standard in high-end cycling gear.

It's not just an upgrade; it's a revolution for cyclists seeking peak performance and luxury in every pedal stroke.

Optimize your cycling experience with the latest Campagnolo products, available now at Because when it comes to luxury and performance, why settle for anything less?

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