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Proudly Announcing Our Newest Partnership with Corima - Masters of Carbon Wheel Technology

Proudly Announcing Our Newest Partnership with Corima - Masters of Carbon Wheel Technology is thrilled to announce our latest partnership with Corima, the renowned French manufacturer of high-performance carbon wheels. As a new authorized dealer, we are excited to bring Corima's cutting-edge technology and exceptional craftsmanship to our discerning clientele. In this blog post, we will delve into the technical excellence and innovative design that have cemented Corima's reputation as a leader in the world of cycling.

The Essence of Corima: A Legacy of Innovation

Corima has been at the forefront of carbon wheel technology since 1988, consistently pushing the boundaries of performance and aerodynamics. Their wheels are not just accessories; they are engineering marvels, crafted with precision and attention to detail that only decades of experience can provide. Corima's commitment to quality and performance aligns perfectly with our values at, making this partnership a natural fit.

Unmatched Performance: The Technical Superiority of Corima Wheels

What sets Corima wheels apart is their unparalleled blend of lightness, stiffness, and aerodynamics. Each wheel is a testament to Corima's mastery of carbon fiber technology. The use of high-modulus carbon and advanced layup techniques results in wheels that are not only lightweight but also incredibly strong and responsive. This translates to faster acceleration, more efficient power transfer, and superior handling, all of which are crucial for our customers who demand the best.

Aerodynamics Redefined: The Science Behind Corima's Design

Aerodynamics is at the heart of Corima's wheel design. Their patented "Torus" shape, inspired by the aerodynamic principles of aircraft wings, minimizes air resistance and reduces drag. This innovative design ensures that Corima wheels offer optimal performance in all conditions, whether it's a time trial, a mountain climb, or a sprint finish. The result is a wheel that cuts through the air with ease, giving cyclists the edge they need to excel.

Durability and Reliability: The Hallmarks of Corima Quality

Durability is a key factor in the design of Corima wheels. The use of high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques ensures that these wheels can withstand the rigors of intense training and competition. Whether it's the heat-resistant carbon used in the braking surface or the precision-engineered hubs, every aspect of Corima's wheels is built to last, providing our customers with confidence and peace of mind.

Join the Revolution: Experience Corima at

We invite you to experience the revolution in cycling performance that Corima wheels offer. As an authorized dealer, is proud to provide our customers with access to the latest innovations from this esteemed brand. Whether you're looking to upgrade your road bike, time trial machine, or triathlon setup, Corima's range of wheels offers the perfect blend of speed, strength, and style.

In conclusion, our partnership with Corima is a testament to our commitment to offering the very best in cycling technology. We are excited to bring the exceptional quality and performance of Corima wheels to our customers, further enhancing their riding experience. Discover the difference that Corima can make in your cycling journey at


You can see our full collection of Corima wheels right here

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