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Explore the Colnago C68 Gravel Frameset: A Benchmark in Gravel Cycling

Explore the Colnago C68 Gravel Frameset: A Benchmark in Gravel Cycling


In the realm of luxury cycling, the Colnago C68 gravel frameset emerges as a paragon of innovation and performance. Designed for the discerning cyclist seeking unparalleled quality and versatility, this latest offering from Colnago sets a new benchmark in gravel riding. With a rich heritage of crafting high-end bikes, Colnago's C68 frameset combines advanced technical features with the brand's legendary attention to detail, offering an unmatched riding experience for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

The Purpose of the C68 Gravel Frameset:

The Colnago C68 gravel frameset is engineered for the cyclist who demands versatility without compromise. Whether navigating rugged terrains or embarking on long-distance adventures, the C68 is built to excel in diverse conditions. Its purpose is twofold: to provide the comfort and durability needed for gravel riding, while not sacrificing the performance characteristics that Colnago bikes are renowned for. This frameset caters to riders seeking a bike that transitions seamlessly from road to trail, offering a blend of speed, stability, and responsiveness.

Technical Specifications:

  • Frame Material: The C68's frame utilizes a cutting-edge carbon fiber composite, ensuring a lightweight yet durable construction capable of withstanding the rigors of gravel riding. The material choice reflects Colnago's commitment to using only the highest quality components, delivering a frame that is both stiff and compliant.

  • Geometry: Designed with an innovative geometry that balances comfort and performance, the C68 frameset ensures a comfortable riding position for long hours in the saddle, while maintaining the aggressive stance necessary for power and efficiency.

  • Integration: The C68 showcases a fully integrated cable routing system, enhancing aerodynamics and providing a sleek, clean aesthetic. This integration extends to the compatibility with electronic groupsets, ensuring the frameset is future-proof and adaptable to the latest cycling technology.

  • Tire Clearance: Understanding the importance of versatility in gravel riding, the C68 frameset offers generous tire clearance, accommodating a wide range of tire sizes to suit various terrains and rider preferences.

  • Customization: True to Colnago's heritage, the C68 gravel frameset is available in a range of custom paint finishes, allowing riders to personalize their bike to reflect their unique style.


The Colnago C68 gravel frameset redefines what riders can expect from a high-performance gravel bike. Marrying the latest in cycling technology with Colnago's storied craftsmanship, this frameset is a testament to the brand's dedication to excellence. For the rider seeking the ultimate in performance, versatility, and luxury, the C68 gravel frameset is an unrivaled choice.

Explore the possibilities and redefine your gravel riding experience with the Colnago C68 – where innovation meets tradition in the pursuit of cycling perfection.


You can order your new C68 Gravel right here

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