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Colnago K One TT Bike

Colnago announce the new Colnago K One triathlon / TT bike

Evolution of the K.Zero TT released 5 years ago. First frame of the brand developed with CFD 3D. The front brake is V-Brake, totally concealed under caches. The rear brake is seen, mounted under the bottom bracket. The aerodynamic gain is notable here. The canister holder is integrated with the frame, developed with Elite.

The rear triangle is specially developed for lenticular wheels equipped with 25mm tires. It allows to completely integrate electronic groups of the market, including their interface boxes. It is also available as a track version.

The new Colnago K.One represents pure performance – pushing the limits of speed. The K.One is the fastest Colnago frame for cycling at speeds above 50 km / h. The frame was developed in the wind tunnel, building on the information gained during the development of the Concept, Colnago’s aero road frame. The K.One offers total aerodynamic integration, adjustment, and customization thanks to solutions designed to facilitate ease of set-up and precision bike-fit.

The front brake is located at the top of the fork, covered by an aerodynamic and flexible cover that allows easy access for assembly and maintenance. Therefore, efficiency and braking power are enhanced with lightness and aerodynamics.

The bottle-cage and bottle integrate seamlessly with the shape of the downtube. This synergy allows you to achieve significant benefits thanks to the increased surface area that maximizes the aerodynamics surrounding this area of the frame.

The K.One’s geometry has been developed to provide rideability and stability at high speeds. Adjustments allow you to find a wide range of positions to find the perfect fit.

The K.One’s bottom bracket is based on the press-fit standard – with bearings pressed directly into the bottom bracket shell. This solution optimizes the size of this part of the frame, thus increasing its rigidity and flexural strength.

A window on the toptube allows you to easily integrate and access the electronic control unit for charging. The frame thus maintains a very clean look, and benefits as well from this additional aerodynamic design feature.

This bike is the choice of the UAE-Team Emirates racing team for the Tour de France. It will be available pretty soon at High End Bike Discount. Contact our customer service to reserve yours at

Colnago K One UAE-Team Emirates racing team



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