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Campagnolo Potenza 11 Disc Brake Groupset

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Size: 172.5mm 50-34t

Campagnolo Potenza 11 Disc Brake Groupset. 

***Please take notes the bottom bracket cups are not included. These can be ordered separately right here.

Campagnolo's Potenza 11 fills the gap between Athena and the higher tier components of the Chorus, Record and Super Record series. The Potenza parts profit from the "trickle down" effect of top-end technology and solutions originally designed for the benefit of the World Tour level athletes and which brings several technologies found on Super Record to more accessible groupsets in the Campagnolo range.
There is no groupset that has benefitted more from this than the newest group in the Revolution 11+ family, the Potenza 11. The shared DNA is so evident that many components of the groupset will require a close look beyond the logo to identify any significant difference which often is represented by a mere change in material. But Campagnolo doesn't produce different grades of performance and with this in mind every product leaves the factory only when it has proven to live up to their own quality standard. So the Potenza components are technically the higher tier groups' equal in every way.
Campagnolo Potenza 11 HO Ultra-Torque crankset 
The design of the 4 arm carbon fiber cranksets that so well identify the Super Record, Record and Chorus groupsets has also found its way into the Campagnolo Potenza 11 Ultra-Torque crank. But at the Potenza it is hollow forged aluminum and not carbon which keeps the weight to a minimum while maintaining the performance of the 4 arm construction. The Potenza's 4 arm spider design makes the use of one single crankarm for all chainring options possible thanks to its unified bolt pattern which allows for all 3 chainring standards 53/39, 52/36 and 50/34 to be built upon the same crankset. Changing between compact and standard with the Potenza 11 groupset is as easy as changing 8 bolts and two chainrings. The 8 bolt pattern helps not only to hold the chainring in place but also supports it while increasing the system rigidity at the same time.
The HO version of the Potenza 11 crank has been especially optimized for disc brake frames with 142 mm dropouts. A modified chainline provides excellent precision for 142 mm rear spacing and does so without altering the Q factor.
Campagnolo Potenza 11 front derailleur - Braze-on
The front derailleur features an upper body that has a design nearly identical to that of the Super Record mechanical model complete with longer arm to ensure less effort required to derail to a larger gear. An innovation that can be immediately seen comes in the form of the one-piece steel cage, also with a similar shape to the Super Record version. The incorporation of different materials at the Potenza front derailleur ensures derailing performance on par with Super Record as well.
Campagnolo Potenza 11 HO rear derailleur - medium cage
The 11-speed Campagnolo Potenza 11 rear derailleur takes a great deal of inspiration from the Revolution 11+ drivetrains. The differences are the materials used in its construction. They award the Potenza rear derailleur the shifting precision and speed of the Super Record version. In addition to the form and structure of the component the Embrace Technology, introduced also on the Super Record as well as on the Record and Chorus groupsets, has been incorporated into the performance of the Potenza 11 rear derailleur. This technology allow it better power transfer, more secure grip, better chain / cassette interface and a longer life for consumable components.
The HO version of the Potenza 11 rear derailleur has been especially optimized for disc-brake frames with with 142 mm OLD. The derailleur mounting link and its design has been adapted to provide an easy mounting and dismounting of the thru axle or rear wheel. Furthermore the teeth of the upper pulley has been extended to guarantee precisely shifting also at high skew.
Embrace Technology
The with help of the Embrace-Technologie developed form of the external pieces allow the rear derailleur to move at a different angle and the internal design pulls the chain closer to the cassette. So the chain will grip more teeth compared to rear derailleurs without Embrace Technology and as a result disperse energy across a larger surface area, increasing the life of the cassette and lengthening the lifespan of the chain as well. By allowing the derailleur to work closer to the cassette in every position the athlete can now take advantage of perfect alignment between cassette and rear derailleur in any given gear.
Campagnolo Potenza 11 cassette - 11-32t 
The new Campagnolo Potenza 11 cassettes are based on a design with one triplet and 8 single sprockets with aluminum spacers. Aside from the 11-32 combination the cassettes are compatible with the rest of the range. The Potenza 11 rear derailleur with medium cage is specially designed for the 11-32 cassette which signals the introduction of not only a new, lower gearing typology, but also a new range of cassettes labeled Campagnolo 11.
Campagnolo 11 chain
The Campagnolo Potenza chain for 11-speed shifting systems offers with its 114 links a quiet and very smooth operation. As representative of the new Potenza 11 group it is ideal for use with components of this series.

Campagnolo Potenza 11DB Ergopower levers

The design of the disc brake Ergopower body was slightly enlarged (additional 8 mm height, compared with 2015 EP Controls) in order to hold the master cylinder and, mostly, to improve the upper part handling of the hydralic Ergo Power body. This feature has been appreciated a lot by pro-riders.

The brake lever was optimized for easier braking with hands on the drops thanks to its outward orientation just in the lower part which follows the outward bend of the handlebar drops.
Furthermore it offers crisp braking in any hazardous situation because of a double curve shape. (External profile is changed just a little).

AMS Adjustment (Adjustable Modulation System)
Two positions that allow to set the rider favorite free stroke.

Reach adjustment
Micro adjustment that allows generally to change the initial position of the braking lever for each hand size till 16 mm. Furthermore AMS allows a different position of 9 mm, adding it to the reach you have 25 mm of total adjustment.

Shifting performance
The shifting performance of the Campagnolo Potenza 11 DB Ergopower controls is top of the line thanks to the Power-Shift technology which enables multiple upshifting (3 gears) and single downshifting. Concerning durability the controls were improved once again for the Potenza group. The possibility of one single downshift at a time permits the incorporation of an internal lever on both, left and right.

Easy Maintenance
For Campagnolo hydraulic Ergopower Controls you can use standard allen keys to adjust the positions of the levers - 2.5 mm to adjust the AMS System (free stroke); 2.5 mm to adjust the Reach of the braking lever; 1.5 mm to adjust the Reach of the upshifting lever to allow smooth movement of the lever.

The hydraulic master cylinder has been developed to match all Campagnolo calipers guaranteeing the maximum braking performances. The design of the hydraulic part allows an easy maintenance and a fast replacement of the master cylinder. The bleeding port on the top of the ErgoPower allows an easier and safer bleeding operation.

Campagnolo Potenza 11DB calipers

The Campagnolo disc brake calipers are fully compatible with the latest disc brake frames with flat mounts. The calipers are forged from aluminium and come with a matt black finish.
Easy hose fixing system in the calipers thanks to the pre-assembled needle. Wide 22 mm pistons to offer the same brake performance in every caliper size. The pistons consist of phenolic resin for thermal insulation and lightness. Featuring an integrated magnetic spring within the pistons. No springs between the two pads to allow a faster pad replacement.
Pads, bleeding port, screws and nuts are the same as well as in the front and the rear caliper. The same guaranteed distance 0.4 - 0.6 mm roll-back) between pads and rotor of the highest one in the market. This allows to avoid the mutual contact between pads and rotor.

Removing the pads you can immediately understand if you need to replace them. The replacement is needed when the thickness of the compound reaches the wear indicator (1.5 mm)
Chamfered bottoms allow for easier wheel replacement because the rotor is helped from the pads shapes when entering in the caliper A metal sheet damps the vibrations coming from the braking phase. Semi-metallic formulation tuning provide the use in dry and wet condition without compromises.

Campagnolo disc brake calipers are suitable on all Flat Mount forks and frames. Thanks to this standard the assembly is allowed without converters or adapters!
While the caliper is assembled directly on the fork, increasing a lot the stiffness of the complete system. This is the ideal configuration for racing.
Specific calipers are available for braking on the rear rotor: 140 mm and 160 mm. The result is a cleaner frame and caliper system. (this groupset comes with 160mm disc rotors front and rear).
The Campagnolo solution needs only 2 bolts for assembling the caliper on the fork. This allows to leave out the two bolts that you can’t inspect.

Campagnolo AFS brake discs

The best disc brake unit cannot be complete without discs, and a high performance disc brake groupset must come with equally high performance rotors. In developing professional grade disc rotors, as with brake pads, the fundamental key to not only extreme performance but also safety and reliability is incorporating maximum resistance to heat.

The AFS (Axial Fixing System) Campagnolo rotors with safely rounded external edges dissipate heat in a safe and uniform manner. And they are able to guarantee consistently performance in any situations of heat. The round external edges also help to insert the rotor in the caliper (perfectly matching the Campagnolo pad rounded angle). The 2-piece brake discs are built with a heat dissipating aluminium spider and a steel braking surface. They are compatible with Centerlock or AFS hubs.

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